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- Your Discord or one or more channel(s) must be investing related.
- You must have a role with Administrator or Manage Server permissions enabled.
- Stock Bot requires a minimum set of permissions to add and to keep in server.
- Stock Bot may only be used for personal, non commercial, use.
- Stock Bot must be useable in at least one channel which is always free to access.
- Members may not use a member name or nickname the same or similar to StockBot.
- You and members who use Stock Bot must agree to bot's terms of service.


1) In your browser, make sure you are logged in to your Discord account that has access to the server you want to add Stock Bot to.

2) Click here and a page will appear that looks like example below.

3) Select the server that you want to add Stock Bot to.

4) It is highly recommended to leave all permissions checked. Unchecking one or more permissions will cause one of the following two things to happen depending on the permission unchecked.

- If a required permission is unchecked, the bot will be removed shortly after being added.

- If a recommended permission is unchecked, some bot features and commands will not function properly or at all.

While not recommended, if you want to remove some permissions, click here before continuing to learn what permission are required and recommended.

5) To add bot, click the blue Authorize button. The process can take up to 60 seconds to complete as it verifies required permissions are enabled.

6) If you would like help with the bot, type !help in a text channel.

7) To customize the bot, type !admin in a text channel of your server.

8) For frequenty asked questions, type !faq in a text channel of your server.

9) For support visit the Stock Bot server at

10) If you would like to remove the bot from server, right click it and select kick.

11) If the bot is removed from your server and it is added back within 7 days, any customized settings will be retained.

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