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This page lists symbols that can be used for some of the bot's commands as per the following.

Stock Symbols

For use with most commands that support symbols.

OTC Symbols

For use with most commands that support symbols.

Mutual Fund Symbols

For use with most commands that support symbols.

Crypto Symbols

For use with the crypto command.

Forex Symbols

For use with the forex command.

Options Symbols

Not yet supported, hope to add a options command in future that will use them.

Important Notes

It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for a supported command.

Symbols on exchanges outside of the United States may only work with quote command and return end of day data.

To find out if a symbol is supported for a chart command, enter the command with a known symbol like !chart1 GOOG and click the More Info link in output. Then enter the ticker symbol you are looking for in the site's search box to see if it is supported and if so the proper way to format it.

Please see help link above for details.



Security Type



Search Results (129)

Country Exchange Category Type Security Type Name Symbol Status
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSlavonski Zatvoreni Alternativni Investicijski Fond S Javnom PonudomSLPF-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSolaris D. D. ZA HoteljerstvoSLRS-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSem 1986 D.D. SplitSM86-R-A-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSuma-Promet ddSMPR-R-A-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSlatinska Banka D.D. SlatinaSNBA-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSN Holding D. DSNHO-R-A-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockDrvnoindustrijski Kombinat Spaeva d.d.SPVA-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockStanovi Jadran D.DSTJD-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockSUNCE HOTELI d.d.SUKC-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTvornica Duhana Zagreb d.d.TDZ-R-A-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTehnika D.DTHNK-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTekstilpromet D.D. ZagrebTKPR-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTanker D.D.TNER-R-A-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTankerska Next GenerationTPNG-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTERRA FIRMA d.d.TRFM-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTvornica Stoene Hrane D.D.TSHC-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockTuristhotel D.D.TUHO-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockAlpha Adriatic JSCULPL-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockVarteks d.d.VART-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockVodoprivreda Zagreb DDVDZG-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockViro Tvornica SeceraVIRO-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockVis D.D. VisVIS-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockVjesnik d.d.VJSN-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockBrodogradiliste Viktor Lenac d.d. - Class BVLEN-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockZagrebacka Banka d.d. - Registered Shares - Series AZABA-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockZagrebacka Burza d.d.ZB-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockZagrebacke Pekarne Klara D.D.ZPKL-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockZitnjak D.DZTNJ-ZAEnabled
CroatiaZAGInternationalN/ACommon StockZveeevo Prehrambena Industrija d.d.ZVCV-ZAEnabled

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