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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
InternationalGuernseyCIEAIS-GUAlternative Invest Strategies (Sterling Hedged)N/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEAKREIT-GUAkoya Reitco LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEAL17-GUAlesco Preferred Funding XVII LTD - AFB PFS PERPETUAL USD 1000 - `SecoN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEALESCOF1-GUAlesco Preferred Funding XII Ltd Inc - AFB PRF REDEEM 15/07/2037 USD 1N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEALESCOIX-GUALESCO Preferred Funding IX, Ltd.Inc. - AFB PRF REDEEM 23/06/2036 USD N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEALESCOP8-GUALESCO Preferred Funding VIII, Ltd. - AFB PRF REDEEM 23/12/2035 USD 10N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEALESCOPX-GUAlesco Preferred Funding X Ltd Inc - AFB PRF PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Reg N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEALESCXVI-GUAlesco Preferred Funding XVI (L2) Ltd - AFB PRF REDEEM 23/03/2038 USD N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEALXV2PRF-GUAlesco Preferred Funding XV (L2) Ltd - AFB PRF REDEEM 23/12/2037 USD 1N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEAPQ-GUAPQ Global LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEAPQCSLCS-GUAPQ Capital Services Ltd - 6% PRF CONVERT 31/12/2024 USDN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEARG-ARB-GUArgentum Capital Ltd - Class BN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEASPENT-GUAspen Tower Investments LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBAIL-GUBailiwick Investments LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBIC-GUBioPharma Credit PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBILTPREF-GUBiltmore CDO 2007-1 LTD - AFB PRF REDEEM 07/12/2050 USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBLR-GUBricklane London REIT PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBRCKTN-GUBrockton Everlast Inc LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBRK-GUBricklane Residential REIT PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEBRL-GUBroadgate REIT LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECALDECOTT-GUCaldecott Cdo 1 Ltd Corp - AFB PRF REDEEM 09/12/2048 USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECAPIND-GUCapital Industrial Plc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECAPLON-GUCapital London PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECCFP-GUCC Private Debt Feeder Company LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECIP-GUChannel Islands Property Fund LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECLR-GUClipstone Industrial REIT PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECOMMODO5-GUCommodore Cdo V Ltd - AFB PRF PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECSP-GUCSP Secondary Opportunities II Fund - Units - Class B1N/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECSPUTA-GUCSP Secondary Opportunities II Fund - Unit - Class AN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECSPUTB-GUCSP Secondary Opportunities II Fund - Unit - Class CN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP17-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDCONV 10/01/2017 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP26-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 08/04/2019 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP27-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 08/04/2019 GBP - CTGp27N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP35-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 08/07/2019 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP36-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 08/07/2019 GBP - 5 YrsN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP38-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 09/08/2019 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGP39-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 09/08/2019 GBP - 5 YrsN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGPH-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 11/12/2017 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGPM-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 01/02/2016 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIECTGPP-GUCastle Trust PCC - PRF REDEEM 01/03/2016 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEEMPORIA1-GUEmporia Preferred Funding I Ltd Corp - AFB PRF REDEEM 12/10/2018 USD 1N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEFIVACR-GUFive Acres REITco LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEFLP-GUFlight and Partners Recovery Fund Ltd - PRF PERPETUAL GBP - sterling rN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEFLPPFLA-GUFlight and Partners Recovery Fund Ltd - PRF PERPETUAL GBP - redeemableN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEFMLEVERA-GUFM Leveraged Capital Fund I Llc - AFB PRF REDEEM 15/08/2017 USD 1000 -N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEFSH-GUFundamentum Social Housing REIT PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEFSO-GUFinancial Services Opportunities Investment Fund LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEG242P-GUGuaranteed Investment Products 1 PCC Ltd - PRF PERPETUAL GBP - particiN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEG246P-GUGuaranteed Investment Products 1 PCC Ltd - PRF REDCONV 08/01/2019 GBPN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGAB-GUGabelli Merger Plus+ Trust PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGALEFORC-GUGale Force 1 Clo Corp - AFB PRF REDEEM 15/11/2017 USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGCL-GUGeiger Counter LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGLACIER3-GUGlacier Funding CDO III Llc - AFB PRF PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGPL-GUGet Living PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGPM-GUGolden Prospect Precious Metals LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGPMCHR-GUGPM CH Reit LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGPRO-GUGlenstone Property PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGPSS-GUGolden Prospect Precious Metals Ltd - Subscription SharesN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGRI-GUGround Rents Income Fund plcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGRIW-GUGround Rents Income Fund plc - Warrants (31/08/2022)N/AWarrantEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGSCABSCD-GUGSC ABS CDO 2006-2m, Ltd - AFB PRF REDEEM 08/06/2045 USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEGSCPREFS-GUGSC Partners CDO Fund VI Ltd-Corp - AFB PRF REDEEM 23/10/2017 USD 1000N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHAF-GUHandelsbanken Alternatives Fund Limited - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHAF~BHA-GUHandelsbanken Alternatives Fund Limited - Class BN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHAF~CHA-GUHandelsbanken Alternatives Fund Limited - Class CN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHAF~DHA-GUHandelsbanken Alternatives Fund Limited - Class DN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHAGP-GUHarewood Structured Investment Pcc. - Redeemable Preference SharesN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHAUSPB-GUHarewood Structured Investment Pcc. - PRF PERPETUAL USD - Enhanced IncN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHCTUB-GUHollyport Capital III Fund - Unit - Class BN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHEICP-GUHarewood Structured Investment Pcc. - PRF PERPETUAL GBP - Enhanced IncN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHEPP-GUHarewood Structured Investment Pcc. - PRF PERPETUAL GBP - Enhanced ProN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHHNO1H-GUHH No.1 Holdings LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHORNER-GUHorner REIT LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHSOUTB-GUHollyport Secondary Opportunities IV Unit Trust - Unit - Class BN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHSPUA-GUHollyport Secondary Opportunities VI Unit Trust - Unit - Class AN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHSPUB-GUHollyport Secondary Opportunities VI Unit Trust - Unit - Class BN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHSUUTA-GUHollyport Secondary Opportunities V Unit Trust - Unit - Class AN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHSUUTB-GUHollyport Secondary Opportunities V Unit Trust - Unit - Class BN/AUnitEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEHUKP-GUHarewood Structured Investment Pcc. - PRF PERPETUAL GBP - UK Enhanced N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEINVESC-GUInvestec plc - PRF PERPETUAL GBP 0.01N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEINVGRIFA-GUInvestec Griffin Fund - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEIQSAHC-GUiQSA Holdco LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEISTANCDO-GUIstana High Grade Abs Cdo I Ltd Corp - AFB PRF REDEEM 05/03/2048 USD 1N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEJUPITER3-GUJupiter high grade CDO III Ltd Inc - AFB PFS REDEEM 08/06/2042 USD 100N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEKHALEEJ-GUKhaleej II Cdo Ltd - AFB PRF PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEKLEROS8P-GUKleros Preferred Funding VIII LTD - AFB PRF REDEEM 12/08/2052 USD 1000N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEKLEROSII-GUKleros Preferred Funding II Ltd Llc. - AFB PRF REDEEM 05/12/2042 USD 1N/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIELCPPF-GULondon Central Apartments III LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIELCR-GULondon Central Residential Recovery Fund LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIELENOXPRF-GULenox CDO Ltd Inc - AFB PRF REDEEM 14/11/2043 USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIELEXINGTN-GULexington Capital Funding Ltd - AFB PRF REDEEM 06/05/2042 USD 1000 - RN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIELIKE-GULikewise Group PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEMAXMCDII-GUMaxim High Grade CDO II LTD - AFB PRF PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEMGREIT-GUM&G Shared Ownership REIT PlcN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEMONTAUKP-GUMontauk Point CDO Ltd Inc - AFB PRF REDEEM 06/10/2042 USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIENCH-GUCQS New City High Yield Fund LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEORIENTII-GUOrient Point Cdo Ltd - AFB PFS PERPETUAL USD 1000 - Reg SN/APreferred StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEOUH-GUOuestia Holdings S.A.N/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEPEM-GUPembroke Heritage Fund LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalGuernseyCIEPFDGBP-GUBenevolentai Limited - PFS UNDATED GBP 0.10N/APreferred StockEnabled

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