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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
InternationalFijiSPSAPP-FSAtlantic & Pacific Packaging CompanyN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSATH-FSATH Amalgamated Telecom Holdings LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSBCN-FSBSP Convertible Notes LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSCFL-FSCommunications Fiji LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSFBL-FSFree Bird Institute LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSFHL-FSFijian Holdings LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSFIL-FSFijiCare Insurance LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSFMF-FSFMF Foods LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSFTV-FSFiji Television LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSKFL-FSKontiki Finance LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSKGF-FSKinetic Growth Fund LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSPBF-FSParadise Beverages (Fiji) LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSPBP-FSPleass Global LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSPDM-FSPort Denarau Marina LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSRBG-FSRB Patel Group LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSRCF-FSThe Rice Company of Fiji LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSTTS-FSToyota Tsusho (South Sea) LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSVBH-FSVB Holdings LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
InternationalFijiSPSVIL-FSVision Investments LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled

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