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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUVVUniversal Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSUVXYProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACUWMProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra Russell2000N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUWMCUWM Holdings Corporation - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUWMC+UWM Holdings Corporation - Warrants (22/01/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACUXIProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra IndustrialsN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASUXINUxin Ltd - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACUYGProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra FinancialsN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACUYMProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra Basic MaterialsN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUZAUnited States Cellular Corporation - 6.95% NT REDEEM 15/05/2060 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUZBUnited States Cellular Corporation - 7.25% NT REDEEM 01/12/2063 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUZCUnited States Cellular Corporation - 7.25% NT REDEEM 01/12/2064 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUZDUnited States Cellular Corporation - 6.25% NT REDEEM 01/09/2069 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSUZEUnited States Cellular Corporation - 5.50% NT REDEEM 01/03/2070 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVVisa Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVABKVirginia National Bankshares CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVABSVirtus ETF Trust II - Virtus Newfleet ABS/MBS ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVACMarriott Vacations Worldwide CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVACQVector Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVACQUVector Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/3 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVACQWVector Acquisition Corp - Warrants (18/09/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVALEVale S.A. - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVALQAmerican Century ETF Trust - American Century STOXX U.S. Quality ValueN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVALTETF Managers Trust - ETFMG Sit Ultra Short ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVALUValue Line, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVAMOCambria Investment Management LP - Cambria ETF Trust Cambria Value andN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVAPOVapotherm IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVAQCVector Acquisition Corp II - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVARVarian Medical Systems, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVAWVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Materials ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVBVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Small Cap ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVBFInvesco Bond FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVBFCVillage Bank & Trust Financial CorporationN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVBIVVBI Vaccines Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVBKVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Small Cap Growth ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVBLTVascular Biogenics LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVBNDETF Series Solutions Trust - ESS Vident Core U.S. Bond Strategy FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVBRVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Small Cap Value ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVBTXVeritex Holdings IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCVisteon Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVCARSimplify Exchange Traded Funds - Simplify Volt RoboCar Disruption and N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVCEBVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard ESG U.S. Corporate Bond ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCELVericel CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXVCFDelaware Investments Colorado Insured Municipal Income Fund IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVCIFVertical Capital Income Fund.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCITVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCKAVickers Vantage Corp IN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCKAUVickers Vantage Corp I - Units (1 Ord & 1/2 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCKAWVickers Vantage Corp I - Warrants (15/09/2027)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVCLOSimplify Exchange Traded Funds - Simplify Volt Cloud and CybersecurityN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCLTVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Long-Term Corporate Bond ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCNXVaccinex IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVCRVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVCRAVocera Communication IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCSHVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCTRVictory Capital Holdings Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVCVInvesco California Value Municipal Income TrustN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCVC10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCVCU10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Class A & 1/2 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCVCW10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp - Warrants (29/10/2027)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVCYTVeracyte IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVDCVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Consumer Staples ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVDEVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Energy ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVEAVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVECVectrus IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVECOVeeco Instruments IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVECTVectivBio Holding AGN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVEDLVedanta Ltd - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVEEVVeeva Systems Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVEGAAdvisorshares Trust - AdvisorShares STAR Global Buy-Write ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVEGIBlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. - iShares MSCI Global AgricN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVEGNETF Series Solutions Trust - US Vegan Climate ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVEIVine Energy Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVELVelocity Financial IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVELOUVelocity Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/3 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVENAUVenus Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord ,1 Right & 1 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVEONVEON Ltd - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVERVEREIT IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVER-FVEREIT Inc - 6.70% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser FN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVERBVerb Technology Company IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVERBWVerb Technology Company Inc - Warrants (14/03/2024)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVERIVeritone IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVEROVenus Concept IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVERUVeru IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVERXVertex Inc Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVERYVericity IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVETVermilion Energy IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVETSPacer Funds Trust - Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVEUVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSVFCVF Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASVFFVillage Farms International IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVFHVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard Financials ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACVFINSimplify Exchange Traded Funds - Simplify Volt Fintech Disruption ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXVFLDelaware Investments National Municipal Income FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVFLQVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard U.S. Liquidity Factor ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVFMFVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard U.S. Multifactor ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVFMOVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard U.S. Momentum Factor ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVFMVVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard U.S. Minimum Volatility ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVFQYVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard U.S. Quality Factor ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSVFVAVanguard Group, Inc. - Vanguard U.S. Value Factor ETFN/AETFEnabled

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