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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
GeneralUnited StatesNASRPRealPage Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPAIRetail Properties of America Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRPARTidal ETF Trust - RPAR Risk Parity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRPAYRepay Holdings Corporation - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRPDRapid7 IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRPGInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Pure Growth ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRPHMReneo Pharmaceuticals IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPLAReplay Acquisition CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPLA+Replay Acquisition Corp - Warrants (01/01/9999)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPLA=Replay Acquisition Corp - Unit (1 Ord share & 1/2 Wrt)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPMRPM International, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRPRXRoyalty Pharma plc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPTRPT RealtyN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRPT-DRPT Realty - 7.25% PRF PERPETUAL USD 50 - Ser DN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRPTXRepare Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRPVInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Pure Value ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRQICohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRRBIRed River Bancshares IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRRCRange Resources CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRRDR.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRRGBRed Robin Gourmet Burgers IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRRRRed Rock Resorts Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRSReliance Steel & Aluminum Co.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRSFRiverNorth Specialty Finance CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRSGRepublic Services, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRSIRush Street Interactive Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRSI+Rush Street Interactive Inc - Warrants (24/03/2021)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRSPInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRSSSResearch Solutions IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRSVARodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRSVAURodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Share & 1/2 WarN/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRSVAWRodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp - Warrants (30/11/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSRSXVanEck Vectors ETF Trust - VanEck Vectors Russia ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSRSXJVanEck Vectors ETF Trust - VanEck Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSRTAICollaborative Investment Series Trust - Rareview Tax Advantaged IncomeN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRTHVanEck Vectors ETF Trust - VanEck Vectors Retail ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRTLRRattler Midstream Lp - UnitN/AUnitEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRTMInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight MaterialN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTPReinvent Technology Partners - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTP+Reinvent Technology Partners - Warrants (16/09/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTP=Reinvent Technology Partners - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/4 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRTPYUReinvent Technology Partners Y - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/8 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTPZReinvent Technology Partners Z - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTPZ+Reinvent Technology Partners Z - Warrants (16/09/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTPZ=Reinvent Technology Partners Z - Units (1 Ord Class A & 1/5 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRTXRaytheon Technologies CorporationN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRUBYRubius Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRUHNRuhnn Holding Ltd - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRUNSunrun IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRUSHARush Enterprises Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRUSHBRush Enterprises Inc - Class BN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRUSLDirexion Shares ETF Trust - Direxion Daily Russia Bull 2X SharesN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRUTHRuths Hospitality Group IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRVIRetail Value IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRVLVRevolve Group Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRVMDRevolution Medicines IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRVNCRevance Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRVNUDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXRVPRetractable Technologies IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRVPHReviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRVPHWReviva Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. - Warrants (25/12/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSRVRSETF Series Solutions Trust - Reverse Cap Weighted US Large Cap ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRVSBRiverview Bancorp, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRVTRoyce Value Trust IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWGVDirexion Shares ETF Trust - Direxion Russell 1000 Growth Over Value ETN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWJInvesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II - Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 RevenN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWKInvesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II - Invesco S&P MidCap 400 RevenueN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWLInvesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II - Invesco S&P 500 Revenue ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRWLKRewalk Robotics LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWMProShares Trust - ProShares Short Russell2000N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWOSSgA Active Trust - SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWRSPDR Series Trust - SPDR DJ Wilshire REIT ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRWTRedwood Trust Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWVGDirexion Shares ETF Trust - Direxion Russell 1000 Value Over Growth ETN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRWXSSgA Active Trust - SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRXDProShares Trust - ProShares UltraShort Health CareN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRXDXPrometheus Biosciences IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRXIBlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. - iShares Global Consumer DN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRXLProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra Health CareN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRXNRexnord CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRXRAURXR Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/5 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRXTRackspace Technology IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRYRoyal Bank Of CanadaN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRY-TRoyal Bank Of Canada - FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD - DEF REP 1/40 Ser C 2N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRYAAYRyanair Holdings Plc - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRYAMRayonier Advanced Materials IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRYBRYB Education Inc - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRYEInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Energy EN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRYFInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight FinanciaN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRYHInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health CN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRYIRyerson Holding Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRYJInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Raymond James SB-1 Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSRYLDGlobal X Funds - Global X Russell 2000 Covered Call ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRYNRayonier Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRYTInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight TechnoloN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRYTMRhythm Pharmaceuticals Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRYUInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight UtilitieN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSRZAReinsurance Group Of America, Inc. - FXDFR DB REDEEM 15/09/2042 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASRZBReinsurance Group Of America, Inc. - FXDFR DB REDEEM 15/06/2056 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACRZGInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Growth N/AETFEnabled

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