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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPDOT=Peridot Acquisition Corp II - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/5 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPDPInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco DWA Momentum ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPDSPrecision Drilling CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPDSBPDS Biotechnology CorporationN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPDTJohn Hancock Premium Dividend FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEAKHealthpeak Properties IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEBPebblebrook Hotel TrustN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEB-CPebblebrook Hotel Trust - 6.50% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser CN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEB-DPebblebrook Hotel Trust - 6.375% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser DN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEB-EPebblebrook Hotel Trust - 6.375% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser EN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEB-FPebblebrook Hotel Trust - 6.30% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser FN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPEBKPeoples Bancorp Of North Carolina IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPEBOPeoples Bancorp, Inc. (Marietta, OH)N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXPEDPEDEVCO CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEGPublic Service Enterprise Group Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPEGAPegasystems Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEIPennsylvania Real Estate Investment TrustN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEI-BPennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust - 7.375% PRF PERPETUAL USD 2N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEI-CPennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust - 7.20% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEI-DPennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust - 6.875% PRF PERPETUAL USD 2N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPEJInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Dynamic Leisure and EntertainN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPENPenumbra IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPENNPenn National Gaming, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPEOAdams Natural Resources Fund IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPEPPepsiCo IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPERIPerion Network Ltd.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPESIPerma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPETQPetIQ Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPETSPetmed Express, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPETZTDH Holdings IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSPEXProShares Trust - ProShares Global Listed Private Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPEXLPacer Funds Trust - Pacer US Export Leaders ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPEYInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco High Yield Equity Dividend AcN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPEZInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco DWA Consumer Cyclicals MomentN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFBCPreferred Bank (Los Angeles, CA)N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFBIPremier Financial Bancorp, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFCPremier Financial CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFDFlaherty & Crumrine Preferred and Income Fund IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFDRPathfinder Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFDRUPathfinder Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/5 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFDRWPathfinder Acquisition Corp - Warrants (17/02/2026)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFEPfizer Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSPFEBInnovator ETFs Trust - Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF - FebruaryN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFFBlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. - iShares Trust iShares PreN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFFAETFis Series Trust I - Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFFDGlobal X Funds - Global X U.S. Preferred ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFFLUBS AG London Branch - FR SP ETN REDEEM 25/09/2048 USD 25 - Ser BN/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFFRETFis Series Trust I - InfraCap REIT Preferred ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFFVGlobal X Funds - Global X Variable Rate Preferred ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFGPrincipal Financial Group Inc - Registered SharesN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFGCPerformance Food Group CompanyN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFHPrudential Financial Inc. - 4.125% NT REDEEM 01/09/2060 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFHDProfessional Holding Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFIInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco DWA Financial Momentum ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFIEProfire Energy IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFIGInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Fundamental Investment Grade N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFINP & F Industries, Inc. - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFISPeoples Financial Services CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFLPimco Income Strategy FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFLDETF Series Solutions Trust - AAM Low Duration Preferred and Income SecN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFLTPennantPark Floating Rate Capital LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFMInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Dividend Achievers ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFMTPerformant Financial CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFNPimco Income Strategy Fund IIN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFOFlaherty & Crumrine Preferred and Income Opportunity Fund IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFPTProofpoint IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFSProvident Financial Services IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPFSIPennyMac Financial Services Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFSWPFSWEB IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFXPhenixFIN CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPFXFVanEck Vectors ETF Trust - VanEck Vectors Preferred Securities ex FinaN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPFXNLPhenixFIN Corp - 6.125% NT REDEEM 30/03/2023 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPGProcter & Gamble Co.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPGALGlobal X Funds - Global X MSCI Portugal ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGCPeapack-Gladstone Financial Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGENPrecigen IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPGFInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Financial Preferred ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPGHYInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Global Short Term High Yield N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGJInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Golden Dragon China ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPGMBarclays Bank PLC - ZC SP ETN REDEEM 23/01/2048 USD 50 - Ser B_PGMBN/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGNYProgyny IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPGPPimco Global StocksPLUS & Income FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPGRProgressive Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPGREParamount Group IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGRWProgress Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGRWUProgress Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Class A & 1/2 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPGRWWProgress Acquisition Corp - Warrants (11/11/2027)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPGTIPGT Innovations IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPGXInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Preferred ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPGZPrincipal Real Estate Income FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPHParker-Hannifin Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPHARPharming Group N.V. - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPHASPhaseBio Pharmaceuticals IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPHATPhathom Pharmaceuticals IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPHBInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Fundamental High Yield CorporN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASPHCFPuhui Wealth Investment Management Co LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPHDPioneer Floating Rate TrustN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACPHDGInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco S&P 500 Downside Hedged ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSPHGKoninklijke Philips N.V. - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXPHGEBiomX IncN/ACommon StockEnabled

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