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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
GeneralUnited StatesNASFULTPFulton Financial Corp. - 5.125% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Sr A Dep Rp 1/4N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFUMBFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Ultra Short DuratioN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFUNCedar Fair L.P.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFUNCFirst United CorporationN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFUNDSprott Focus Trust IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSFUNLTrust For Advised Portfolios - CornerCap Fundametrics Large-Cap ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXFURYFury Gold Mines Ltd.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFUSBFirst US Bancshares IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFUSEFusion Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFUSE+Fusion Acquisition Corp - Warrants (01/06/2027)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFUSE=Fusion Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Class A & 0.5 Warr)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFUSNFusion Pharmaceuticals IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSFUTProShares Trust - ProShares Managed Futures Strategy ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFUTUFutu Holdings Ltd - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFUTYFidelity Covington Trust - Fidelity MSCI Utilities Index ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFUVArcimoto IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFVFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Dorsey Wright FocusN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFVALFidelity Covington Trust - Fidelity Value Factor ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFVAM5:01 Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFVCFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Dorsey Wright DynamN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFVCBFVCBankcorp IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFVDFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Value Line DividendN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFVEFive Star Senior Living Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFVIV=Fortress Value Acquisition Corp IV - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/8 N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFVRRFiverr International LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFVTFortress Value Acquisition Corp III - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFVT+Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III - Warrants (31/12/2027)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFVT=Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/5N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFWAAFifth Wall Acquisition Corp I - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFWDBAdvisorshares Trust - AdvisorShares FolioBeyond Smart Core Bond ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFWONALiberty Media Corp. (Tracking Stock -Liberty Formula 1) Series AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFWONKLiberty Media Corp. (Tracking Stock -Liberty Formula 1) Series CN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFWPForward Pharma A/S - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFWRDForward Air Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXARydex Investments - Invesco CurrencyShares Australian Dollar TrustN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXBRydex Investments - Invesco CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling TrusN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXCRydex Investments - Invesco CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar TrustN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXDFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Consumer DiscretionN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXERydex Investments - Invesco CurrencyShares Euro TrustN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXFRydex Investments - Invesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc TrustN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXGFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Consumer Staples AlN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXHFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Health Care AlphaDEN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXIBlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. - iShares China Large-Cap EN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXLFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Technology AlphaDEXN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXNFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Energy AlphaDEX FunN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFXNCFirst National Corp. (Strasburg, VA)N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXOFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Financials AlphaDEXN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXPProShares Trust - ProShares UltraShort FTSE China 50N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXRFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Industrials/ProduceN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXUFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXYRydex Investments - Invesco CurrencyShares Japanese Yen TrustN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACFXZFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Materials AlphaDEX N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFYCFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Small Cap Growth AlN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSFYLDCambria Investment Management LP - Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield EN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFYTFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Small Cap Value AlpN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASFYXFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Small Cap Core AlphN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSFZT=FAST Acquisition Corp II - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/4 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGGenpact LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSGAACambria Investment Management LP - Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGABGabelli Equity Trust Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAB-GGabelli Equity Trust Inc. - SD PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser G 6.00%N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAB-HGabelli Equity Trust Inc. - 5% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser HN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAB-JGabelli Equity Trust Inc. - 5.45% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser JN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAB-KGabelli Equity Trust Inc. - 5% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser KN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGABCGerman American Bancorp IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGAIAGaia Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGAINGladstone Investment CorporationN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGAINLGladstone Investment Corporation - 6.375% PRF REDEEM 31/08/2025 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGAINNGladstone Investment Corporation - 5% NT REDEEM 01/05/2026 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGALSSgA Active Trust - SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGALTGalectin Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAMGeneral American Investors Co., Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAM-BGeneral American Investors Co., Inc. - 5.95% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - SeN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGAMCUGolden Arrow Merger Corp - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1/3 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGAMRETF Managers Group LLC - Wedbush ETFMG Video Game Tech ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGANGAN LimitedN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGANXGain Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGAPA=G&P acquisition corp - Units (1 Ord Class A & 1/2 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGASSStealthGas IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGATOGatos Silver IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGATXGATX Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSAMEXGAUGaliano Gold IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGAZBarclays Bank PLC - ZC SP ETN REDEEM 05/03/2037 USD 50 - Ser AN/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGBGlobal Blue Group Holding AGN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGB+Global Blue Group Holding AG - Warrants (28/08/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGBABGuggenheim Taxbl Muni Bnd & Invtmnt Grd Debt Trst Com Shrs Of benf IntN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBCIGlacier Bancorp, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBDCGolub Capital BDC IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGBDVGlobal Beta ETF Trust - Global Beta Smart Income ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGBFBlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. - iShares Barclays GovernmeN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGBGRGlobal Beta ETF Trust - Global Beta Rising Stars ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGBILGoldman Sachs ETF Trust - Goldman Sachs Access Treasury 0-1 Year ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBIOGeneration Bio CoN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSGBLGamco Investors Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBLIGlobal Indemnity Group LLC - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBLILGlobal Indemnity Group LLC - 7.875% NT REDEEM 15/04/2047 USD 25N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACGBLOGlobal Beta ETF Trust - Global Beta Low Beta ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBNHGreenbrook TMS IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBNYGenerations Bancorp NY IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASGBOXGreenBox POSN/ACommon StockEnabled

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