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Following symbols can be used for most commands that take a symbol as a parameter. It is possible that although a symbol is listed as supported, data for the symbol may not be available for all commands. For chart symbol support, please see the notes section for each chart on the Commands help page.



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Category Country Exchange Symbol Name Type Security Type Status
GeneralUnited StatesNYSCXHMFS Investment Grade Municipal TrustN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSCXPColumbia Property Trust IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCXSEWisdomTree Trust - WisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSCXWCoreCivic IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYADCelyad Oncology - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYANCyanotech Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACCYBWisdomTree Trust - WisdomTree Chinese Yuan Strategy FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYBECyberoptics Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYBRCyberArk Software LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYCCPCyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc - 6% PRF PERPETUAL USD 10N/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYCNCyclerion Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSCYDChina Yuchai InternationalN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSCYHCommunity Health Systems, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYRNCYREN LtdN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYRXCryoPort IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYTHCyclo Therapeutics Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYTHWCyclo Therapeutics Inc - Warrants (14/11/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCYTKCytokinetics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACCZAInvesco Capital Management LLC - Invesco Zacks Mid-Cap ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCZNCCitizens & Northern CorpN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCZRCaesars Entertainment IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASCZWICitizens Community Bancorp Inc MDN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDDominion Energy IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDACDanaos CorporationN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDADADada Nexus Ltd - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDAIOData io Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDAKTDaktronics Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDALDelta Air Lines, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDALIFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VI - First Trust Dorsey Wright DALI 1N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSDALTNorthern Lights Fund Trust IV - Anfield Capital Diversified AlternativN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDANDana IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDAOYoudao Inc - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDARDarling Ingredients IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDAREDare Bioscience IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDASHDoorDash Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSDAUGFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII - FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDAVAEndava plc - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDAXGlobal X Funds - Global X DAX Germany ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDBDeutsche Bank AG - Registered SharesN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBAInvesco DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - Invesco DB Agriculture FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBAWDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBBInvesco DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - Invesco DB Base Metals FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBCDB Commodity Services LLC - Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDBDDiebold Nixdorf IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDBDRRoman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDBDRURoman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Class A & 1/2 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDBDRWRoman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp - Warrants (29/10/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBEInvesco DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - Invesco DB Energy FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBEFDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI EAFE Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBEHManager Directed Portfolios - iM DBi Hedge Strategy ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBEMDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBEUDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI Europe Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBEZDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI Eurozone Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBGRDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI Germany Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDBIDesigner Brands Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSDBJAInnovator ETFs Trust - Innovator Double Stacker 9 Buffer ETF - JanuaryN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBJPDBX ETF Trust - Xtrackers MSCI Japan Hedged Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDBLDoubleLine Opportunistic Credit FundN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBLVAdvisorshares Trust - AdvisorShares DoubleLine Value Equity ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBMFManager Directed Portfolios - iM DBi Managed Futures Strategy ETFN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBOInvesco DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - Invesco DB Oil FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSDBOCInnovator ETFs Trust - Innovator Double Stacker 9 Buffer ETF - OctoberN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBPInvesco DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - Invesco DB Precious Metals FN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBSInvesco DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust - Invesco DB Silver FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDBTXDecibel Therapeutics IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDBVDB Commodity Services LLC - Invesco DB G10 Currency Harvest FundN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDBVTDBV Technologies - ADRN/AADREnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDBXDropbox Inc - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCBODocebo IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCFBNY Mellon Alcentra Global Credit Income 2024 Target Term Fund IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCIDonaldson Co. Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCODucommun Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCOMDime Community Bancshares IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCOMPDime Community Bancshares Inc - 5.50% PRF PERPETUAL USD - Ser AN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCPDCP Midstream LP - UnitN/AUnitEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCP-BDCP Midstream LP - FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser BN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCP-CDCP Midstream LP - FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser CN/APreferred StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCPHDeciphera Pharmaceuticals IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRBDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRBUDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp - Units (1 Ord Share Class A & 1N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRBWDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp - Warrants (02/10/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRCUDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III - Units (1 Ord Share Class AN/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRNDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRNUDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II - Units (1 Ord Share Class A N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCRNWDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II - Warrants (19/01/2026)N/AWarrantEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCTDuck Creek Technologies IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDCTHDelcath Systems IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDCUEDominion Energy Inc - Units - 2019 Series AN/AUnitEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDDDuPont de Nemours IncN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDDD3D Systems Corp.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSDDECFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII - FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNYSDDFDelaware Investments Dividend and Income Fund, Inc.N/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDDGProShares Trust - ProShares Short Oil & GasN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDDIVFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III - First Trust Dorsey Wright MomenN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSBATSDDLSWisdomTree Trust - WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International SmN/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesUSPACDDMProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra Dow30N/AETFEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDDMXDD3 Acquisition Corp II - Class AN/ACommon StockEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDDMXUDD3 Acquisition Corp II - Units (1 Ord Class A & 1/2 War)N/AN/AEnabled
GeneralUnited StatesNASDDMXWDD3 Acquisition Corp II - Warrants (08/12/2025)N/AWarrantEnabled

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