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Date: 10-24-2020 09:47:08 PM PST
Type: Service Announcement

Report Bot Down

Added automated phone notification system to enable reporting of the bot being down. See status > #bot channel in Stock Bot Discord for details. Use stockbot command for invite.


You can now follow our announcements channel to have announcements automatically sent directly to a channel in your server. Just click the Follow button in the announcements > #announcements channel in Stock Bot Discord. Use stockbot command for invite.

Bot Verification

The blue bot icon now has a check mark next to it signifying it has been verified by Discord.
Date: 06-07-2020 05:19:44 PM PST
Type: Service Announcement

Hi @everyone, for those not already aware, I wanted to let you know this bot's Discord server has a new announcement notification system. There are five different types of announcements which are explained in announcements > #types channel.

For rare but important ones like this one a @everyone mention will be used. For all others, if you want to receive a notification when an announcement is made, you now need to enable such by reacting to the message in the announcements > #notifications channel if you have not already. By default notifications are disabled.

It has been almost a year since the last announcement but there have been developments with the bot during that time all of which have now been posted. Future announcements will be made as they occur.

Most of the recent announcements relate to either new commands, which can be reviewed by typing the help command in your server or visiting or new user and administrative features, which can be reviewed by typing the user or admin command in your server to visit the web site interface for the bot.

So in summary, if you would like to be notified of future announcements and have not already, please take a moment to visit the Announcements > #notifications channel in Discord for instructions.

If you have any questions, please get in contact.
Date: 03-30-2019 12:00:11 PM PST
Type: Service Announcement, User Announcement, Administrative Announcement

We have noticed an increasing number of members who attempt to impersonate Stock Bot and/or Stock Bot support representatives. While some appear to do so for humor, unfortunately others do so for more malicious reasons including to try and manipulate other members for the impersonators own profit. For example, sending messages recommending members buy/sell specific securities which Stock Bot does not do.

To prevent confusion and protect Stock Bot and members in servers who use it, we have decided to step up enforcement of our existing terms of service regarding such.

Going forward, those members with the term Stock Bot and/or similar variations in their original member name or nickname will now get any message they send in a server in which Stock Bot is in deleted, when possible. On the first occurrence a direct message will be sent to the member explaining what they can do to resolve the issue. This includes:

1) Changing their member name to one that does not include the term Stock Bot and/or similar variations.
2) Leaving any servers that contain Stock Bot.
3) Getting Stock Bot removed from any servers they use.

To those members that persist after being notified, additional actions may occur including continued deletion of messages, kicking member from server, blocking member from access to bot and in cases where a server's administrators are contacted and not cooperative in resolving an ongoing case, removing bot from a server.

Although increasing, fortunately this issue is still very rare overall and thus will not effect the vast majority of Stock Bot users. We just wanted to let everyone know about the changes in enforcement. Thank you for your understanding.
Date: 05-24-2018 11:59:59 PM PST
Type: Service Announcement, User Announcement, Administrative Announcement

Our privacy policy, cookie policy, communications policy and terms of service have been updated in order to comply with new privacy laws. Your continued use of our website and bot signify your acceptance of these new policies. You can can read the new policies at links below:

Privacy Policy: Click Here
Cookie Policy: Click Here
Communication Policy: Click Here
Terms Of Service: Click Here
Questions: Click Here
Date: 05-21-2017 03:48:27 PM PST
Type: Service Announcement, Administrative Announcement

The bot now offers an administrative web page to manage the bot's settings and features for your server. If you are a server owner or moderator, you can access it by typing the !admin command in a text channel of your server. A direct message will be sent to you with a secure link to the administrative interface. Once there you can navigate to the different sections in the menu on the left side of page.
Date: 09-13-2016 05:46:05 PM PST
Type: Service Announcement, User Announcement, Administrative Announcement

We are happy to announce the launch of Stock Bot, a free bot for investing related servers on the Discord chat network. The bot offers commands and features to moderate Discord servers, retrieve financial information on companies and receive alerts about market events. If you would like to try it out, you can add it to your Discord server by clicking the link below.

Click Here

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