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Install Message

If you kept all permissions checked that the bot needs for one of its commands or features, you will see a message similar to below.

If you unchecked any permissions that the bot needs for one of its commands or features, you will see a message similar to below suggesting you run the !permissions command. Doing so will enable you to see what commands and features correspond to the missing permissions so you can decide if you want to use them or not..

No Install Message

This can be caused by a few things.

1) Stock Bot is already a member of the server in which you are trying to add it. To check if it is, do a search for member name stockbot. If it is not already a member, please request support.

2) You did not give the bot Send Message permission or if you did you customized the channel permissions and the bot cannot send a message until it's role named StockBot is added to each channel you want it to work in. It is recommend you try running the bot's !permissions command.

Getting Started

Step 1:

If the install message indicated one or more permissions that the bot uses was unchecked, please first run the bot's !permissions command to see what they are and if you want to use those commands/features. The command will send the results to you by direct message and explain how to update the bot's permissions.

Step 2:

For a full list of commands with examples, please type the !help command in your server.

Step 3:

To customize over 1000 bot settings, please type the !admin command in your server to visit the administrative interface.

Step 4:

For the bot's FAQ, please type the !faq command in your server.

Copy Settings

If you have access to the bot's administrative interface on two servers using the !admin command, you can copy bot settings from one to the other in the administrative interface.


If you ever wish to remove the bot from your server, right click it and select Kick.

If the bot is removed from your server and it is added back within 7 days, any customized settings will be retained.


If you have questions or need support, please visit our support page for information on support options.

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