Stock Bot

Stock Bot is a free chat bot available to any Discord chat server related to investing.

Below is a list of some of the features. To learn more or add it to your Discord server, click any of the menu links to the left.


Used everyday in over 2000 investing servers at Discord.
Over 100,000 active daily users.
Growing list of 100s of commands.
Automated market alerts available for timely market events.
Automated member messages available on join, leave, kick, ban & unban.
Auto assign roles on join, change after X period.
Seven chart sources with many command parameters.
Many server management features including role, purge, kick, ban.
Customize some command's output like rules, terms, privacy, faq & contact.
Most popular symbols used in your server or all servers using bot.
Create and view watchlists per member, server or all servers using bot.
Encourage member participation with points system. Award roles/channel access at each level.
Over 40 market indexes from around the world.
Futures data on over 70 commodities up to 12 months out.
Integration with Portfolio Sheet, retrieve your own transactions and chart in chat.
Compliant with Discord's API terms of service.
Truely free, no hidden fees or advertising.


Ability to specify one or more command prefixes.
Enable/disable most commands.
Add/remove your own aliases for most commands.
Optionally auto delete member messages that are bot commands.
Set bot to ignore commands in certain channels.

Market Alerts

Automated alerts available on open, close, halts, SEC filings & news.
Specify channel to send them to.
Auto delete them after X period of time.

Custom Alerts

Create custom one time or recurring alerts.

Alerts can have custom message or a commands output.
Specify channel to send them to.
Auto delete them after X period of time.

Advanced Aliases

Create short aliases to redirect to commands with lots of parameters.
Create to chain multiple commands together, like news and a chart.
Create to display virtually any RSS feed on command.
Create to send custom messages on command.


Fully documented with usage examples.
Free support via email or Discord chat.
Secure access to web based administrative interface.
Customize over 200 bot settings, see customizations section.

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